SEO And Why Your Company Needs it

The Internet has completely changed the way we operate our lives. We can get nearly everything we need online from information and references to products and services with just a click of the mouse. Whether or not you sell your products and services online, it is important to create an online presence for your business. However, with so many other companies online, you need to do a little more to make sure your presence is seen. The way you enhance your online presence is through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

SEO is a combination of techniques and tactics used to get more visitors to your website by improving its ranking in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Optimising your business’s website is vital to being found online and ensuring the success of your company. Here are five reasons why SEO is important for your business. (more…)

A Timeline of Failed Tech Predictions

Over the ages there has been a lot of amazing inventions. From the wheel to sliced bread, the light bulb to the telephone. The world is full of them. But with every great invention comes doubters, the non believers, individuals who believe that people won’t need or use anything that seems out of the ordinary and predict that they will just be the next big fad.

The folks over at have put together an infographic of, well, the worst tech predictions to date.

Have a look as some of the predictions, some will surprise you.

Terrible-Tech-Predictions (1)

5 Types of Online Marketing

Does your business have an online presence? It takes more than just a website to gain notoriety on the internet. Online marketing is an excellent way to gain more exposure for your brand, acquire new clients, and boost your online conversions. What does this mean? Ultimately, through online marketing, you can grow your company’s clientele base, gain a larger clientele base, and in turn, generate more revenue.

Nearly 94% of all consumers worldwide research prospective products online before buying, according to Google’s Small Business Online Marketing Guide. So, it’s important to have a healthy online presence to acquire 94% of the consuming population of the world. Online marketing targets your online audience and establishes your company as a trusted online resource.

How is your internet presence? Here are five types of online marketing strategies to gain more web traffic and higher conversion rates (and earn more money!):


Errors That Stunt Your Online Business

Starting an online business is a great opportunity to profit from society’s continued move into the digital age. More and more income from businesses will come from online sales rather than physical storefronts. However, you’re probably not the only one trying to reach your target audience. There are many others also making noise online.

We’re sure you’ve seen it – things like individuals and businesses using Facebook ads claiming they are “experts” who will help you achieve incredibly unrealistic results. Don’t be just another business making senseless noise online, and build a successful online business despite having many competitors. A big part of that is by avoiding big mistakes at the beginning.

You may not even realise you’re making these four rookie errors, but they could be preventing your business from growing and achieving the results you want.


Why the Best Hire Might Not Have The Best Resume

Hiring the right person can sometimes be a real challenge. You may be making it harder for yourself by turning down an applicant because there résumé wasn’t up to your standard? If you’re doing this without giving them a second thought, you could be missing out on a potentially great employee.

Regina Hartley joined TED to talk about her experiences as Director of Human Resources at UPS (United Parcel Service) in the U.S.A. She explains why she thinks you should give this type of applicant, she likes to refer to them as a ‘scraper’, a chance.

Check out her TED talk video below

If you’re interested in watching more TED Talks, you can do so here

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