8 Reasons You Need a Mobile Responsive Website

Establishing an active online presence is an essential part of your business operations. Consumers are accessing your website on smartphones, tablets, laptops and traditional desktop computers these days. Here are eight reasons why you need to meet this response by ensuring you have a mobile responsive website in place and ready to go when consumers arrive on your virtual doorstep.


Your Website Isn’t Finished

I was recently reading an article recounting the birth of Yahoo! and was fascinated by the process that the founders, Jerry Yang and David Filo, started by continuously adding and updating the directory of every website on the world wide web. It reminded me of how dynamic the web is designed to be and how most business websites fail to achieve their objectives by not embracing this reality.


Content is King

Content marketing has always been and continues to be the basis for online digital marketing success. This concept is not new. In fact, it is the origin of the common statement, Content is King. However, many of the tactics that are employed with digital content marketing are not original; some of them are older than the Internet. Without even thinking about it, when people have wanted information about something, they turned to content and acted accordingly.


5 Tips for Creating a Successful Content Marketing Campaign

If you are putting together a marketing strategy for your company, you probably see the term “content marketing” everywhere. Essentially, this term refers to a blend of webinars, videos, social media, blog posts, and more all working together for your marketing goals. A properly executed content marketing campaign can give you excellent results and position you as an authority and expert in your field, whether you’re a startup or established business.

With so many different moving parts, a content marketing campaign is not always easy to implement. Your online brand and persona need to match your customer’s’ needs, and shared content often requires interaction on your end to stimulate conversation and establish relationships.

To make the most out of your content marketing campaign, follow these five tried and true tips in the planning process.


The Biggest Reason Why Businesses Succeed

Some companies succeed, some fail. Is it luck of the draw? Or are there certain factors that come into play? Bill Gross, founder of Idealab, became curious as to why some of the companies he helped found, succeeded and failed.

He decided to dive a little deeper and start pulling the data from these companies and ranked them on 5 key factors. He found that one factor stood out from the rest. Watch his Ted Talk below to find what that was.

Head on over to Ted if you liked this talk. There’s a talk on almost everything!

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