2017, The Year of Video Marketing

Without a doubt, online video is a huge phenomenon. No more beating around the bushes with this one people, video’s here and it’s here to stay. 

2016 saw the rise of video hit new levels. It not only changed the way we view video but also the way we interact with it, the likes of 360-degree video and live-streaming being introduced across social channels and becoming hugely popular. 

Dominating daily lives is just the beginning. With 55% of people watching videos online every day and a further 78% watching videos online every week. I think it’s clear to say that video is incredibly engaging and how the majority of people would prefer to consume their content. If you haven’t started including video in your marketing strategy, maybe it’s time to change that. Haven’t got the skills or expertise? Speak to one of our experts at Ora.

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Take a look at the infographic below from the team over at HighQ and learn why 2017 will be the year of video marketing. 



How to Create Shareable Content in an Era of Constant Content

Content is a vital element of today’s business environment. But, with so much content already in place, it can be difficult to create something new, fresh, and interesting to capture the attention of your intended audience. Effective content drives itself without much interference from its creator. But, that does not necessarily make the content shareable, which is the ultimate goal. To make your content truly shareable, follow the guidelines below.


Easy Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing Performance

Since the advent of email, it’s been a great tool for marketing a business. In fact, it’s one of the most effective marketing methods for attracting and converting prospects as well as retaining customers. In today’s technology-driven society, people can access their email accounts with a simple click or swipe at any time of day. So, it’s more important than ever to keep your email marketing efforts fresh and effective. If you’re looking for ways to improve your email marketing efforts, try employing some of the following guidelines:


Does Your Small Business Need a Marketing Plan?

You have worked hard to build your small business into what it is today. You know every aspect of the company, how it works, where it should go and almost every speck of dust on the floor. You are an expert in your industry and know your business. Unfortunately, you may not be an expert in marketing your business.

This is not uncommon– in fact; it is the norm that small business owners are generally not experts in marketing. You have had so much on your plate from day one in beginning your business, that you probably have not had the time to learn how to properly market and advertise. In the case of many small business marketing strategies, they appear to be a general mish-mash of fragmented ideas and tactics from a variety of in-house and external sources.

Even small business owners who feel they have a solid grasp on marketing often miss out on areas that should not be overlooked. The importance of proper marketing should also not be ignored. You may feel as though your business has already been successful through your current strategies, but there is no reason to miss out on any opportunity to grow.

If you are like so many other business owners, you need to develop a better marketing strategy. Particularly companies that do not normally deal with technology need to understand the importance of social and online advertising and how to properly take advantage of the opportunities they offer. The internet age has provided unlimited possibilities for small business, and it is important not to be left behind.


What is Click Bait?

There has been an influx of terms that have recently entered mainstream consciousness due to the prevalence of social marketing. One that you may have heard a lot recently is “click bait.” Even if you do not know what it means, you’re already a constant target of it and may have already fallen victim – several times.

Click bait is what it sounds like. It is a headline that exists for the sole purpose of “baiting” individuals to click on it and generate traffic to a website. This may sound like the purpose of all internet headlines, but click bait is different in that they are misleading. Usually, the title of the headline is designed to gain attention while making false promises about the content to which it directs users.


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