Grow Your Brand by Using Social Media to Tell Your Stories

Storytelling has always been a part of the foundation of people’s lives. From the time we are children, we have revelled at the thought of having our parents tell us bedtime stories. In adulthood, our affinity for hearing and telling stories comes out in different...

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Must Know Video Marketing Stats

Video isn't the next big thing. It is the big thing. Content is king. And at the forefront of content is video. It's a powerful way to convey your message and communicate a story, all the while engaging and building relationships with your customers and potential...

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Facebook Advertising Hacks for Small Business Owners

Over the last few years, social media has changed almost everything about our society. The world of advertising may have felt this impact the most strongly, as social media has become the most effective advertising outlet in the history of capitalism. Particularly for...

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Is Working as a Contractor Right for You?

Contractor work can be an excellent way to increase your income and launch your career. Working for someone else is not the only path to success; however, it is important to know what to avoid, what you should expect, and how to deal with the obstacles that will...

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Selling Your Products on Facebook

A recent study conducted by AmeriComerce found that Facebook is accountable for an incredible 60% of all social media traffic that goes to retail sites. However, Facebook is a site that people use to make connections with friends and acquaintances, not for making...

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A Day in The Life of Mobile Marketing

The number of times the average user checks their phone per day is about 46 times, and the younger the user, the higher the average checks per day. That is near twice an hour. For mobile marketers, that means they can impact their customer base twice an hour every...

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Restaurant Must Do’s to Dominate Customer Service

When it comes to owning a successful restaurant nowadays, it's up to more than just the chef and it's waiters to uphold a restaurant's fine reputation, the battle for that is won online as much as it's won during the dining experience. Today, diners have the ability...

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When Social Meets Advertising

If you're a business that is either considering digital advertising or is currently advertising using digital you'll no doubt have come across social advertising. We suspect you'll have heard a multitude of stories both for and against, leaving you with the same...

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