UberEATS Has Arrived

Uber needs no introduction. The ride-sharing company has been making hailing a taxi a convenient process, by simply pulling out your phone and waiting for your chariot to take you to your destination.

Now Uber is rolling out its next venture, UberEATS. Already underway in 50 cities around the globe, UberEATS has touched our shores and its first destination was, of course, central Auckland.  The premise is simple, and you’ll be familiar with this no doubt; pop in your delivery address, choose food from a list of restaurants, cafes, fast food take outs and place your order. Simple. Best of all, if you have an Uber account you don’t have to create a new account when you download the UberEATS app, meaning you don’t have to load in your credit/debit card again. Thanks, Uber.

Unfortunately, if you live outside out of central Auckland, Parnell to Eden Park to be exact, you won’t be able to get any of the delicious food on offer, delivered to your door-step. You’ll have to do it the old fashioned way, actually going in and making your order to a human. Uber has plans to expand in the upcoming months. But for now, for the mere price of the food and a flat $5.99 delivery fee, central Aucklanders can enjoy the likes of Best Ugly Bagels, MexiCali Fresh, Burger Wisconsin, Wagamama, Al’s Deli, Mad Mex, @Sushi, Little Bird and much more. The list currently has about 70 options but more are jumping on board.

If you’re currently located in central in Auckland and would be interested in Uber delivering your goodies,  you can request to become a restaurant partner. It’s a simple process. You fill out some details about your business and one of UberEATS team member’s will get in touch to sort it out from there. Apart from a service fee you pay to Uber, UberEATS offers a relatively low-cost marketing scheme for businesses wanting to join up. Once a business is signed-up and ready to go, people using the app have the ability to check out your menu and see what’s on offer, great for making people aware of your eatery if they already aren’t. And for the people who already know about you? Perfect. You’re now available in another location and cater to the people who really can’t be going out on a stormy Auckland night or are simply too lazy.

Due to its low cost, UberEATS becomes a great addition to your marketing plan and an even better option to try and expand your business. You may be sitting there, wondering “What if UberEATS takes all my business out of my restaurant and all my orders become delivery?” Well, don’t worry. UberEATS isn’t going to be enough to completely change how your restaurant operates. Getting food will never compare and never replace getting an authentic experience like dining in. Could you imagine first dates where you get the food delivered to his or her house? Don’t think so. Work function where the boss get food delivered to his home? Nope. BYO dinners at your best friends one person flat? Can’t imagine that being a hit. Bottom line is, UberEATS has the ability to bring you more sales rather than taking more out of your eatery.

If you’re interested in joining UberEATS, you can find more information on their website here.

Local Businesses Should be Paying Attention to Google Maps

As just about any business owner knows, mobile apps and services are incredibly popular in the world today, and there’s no bigger mobile company than Google. Most businesses try and pay attention to Google and use it to advertise, but as time goes on, a new app from Google is taking centre stage, Google Maps. Google Maps has more than one billion users currently and has couple billion location-based searches as well. In response to the changing trend of people searching for places in the here and now, Google has realised a new generation of local search ads, and the following are some of the key points that local businesses should pay attention to.

Responsive Display Ads

For the longest time, you had to create all of your ads in several different formats in order to make sure it displayed appropriately wherever it was shown, which can take a lot of time no matter what your business specialises in. Luckily, Google is now going to handle the design process and create responsive display ads for you! You’ll now be able to send Google an image, URL or other data and they will create the responsive display ad.

Device Bidding

As the process stands now, a bidder is not able to bid separately on tablets, as they are grouped together with desktop and mobile to help simplify the bidding process. However, with the new changes announced, biggers will now be able to bid individually on desktop, tablet and mobile, which provides the bidder with much more flexibility and the chance to choose specific environments for bidding.

Local Search Ads

The local search ads feature has been updated across all Google platforms, including Google.com and Google Maps, as it now makes it easier for business owners to highlight where their stores or offices may be. As mentioned earlier, Google Maps is becoming increasingly popular for Google and it is used almost as often as Google.

No matter what strategy you choose to implement digitally, you should do everything in your power to keep Google as a big part of your digital strategy, and Google Maps is a great place to start. It’s more advanced than ever and they’re giving you more resources, so take advantage of what Google is offering and use the new mobile trends.

Want to find out more about our Google Advertising Packages and what we can do for you? Speak to one of our experts! Contact us below.

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How Does Your Smartphone Know Your Location?


The tool that does almost anything and everything. From playing Angry Birds and Pokemon Go, to listening to your favourite songs on Spotify, to doing your banking. It’s a vital tool. And one tool that has become particularly important on smartphones, is navigation.

GPS, or Global Positioning System, has been around for a while now. Development started back in 1972 in the USA for military purposes but quickly became available for civilian use. Fast forward to November 2004, 22 years after the first development of GPS started, successful tests of assisted GPS for mobile phones was completed.

And this leads us to the present day. We use GPS to help us navigate everywhere, to get to our destination, to figure out where we are or how far away something is. GPS location apps have become more and more integrated with modern daily lives. But it’s something we overlook, seems like such a simple process, right? We turn on our GPS setting, and then satellites that are 20,200 km above us finds and displays it on our maps. Well, yes, this is what happens but it’s a bit more complicated than that. Take a look at the Ted-Ed video below to find out how orbiting satellites keep time to the beat of an atomic clock powered by quantum mechanics.



Website Scoring with Ora

We all understand the importance of having a website or at least anyone in business right now should. But the biggest misstep is to think that all websites are equal and simply having one’s job done. People are changing and the way they look for information is changing with them. A website that cut the mustard a couple of years back may be the equivalent to a dinosaur now and as big a blockbuster that Jurassic Park was, the same enthusiasm won’t be felt for the website.

To bring light to this and to help people make smart decisions we’ve just released a pretty sweet new tool that takes your website on a bit of a health check and delivers really actionable steps to fix it up. And to try and make this report easier for you to understand we’ve put together this cheat sheet that’ll give you some more details around each area the report looks at. If you haven’t run the report yet, you can do it here. Then use this blog to help you get to grips with the results. You could, of course, read through the blog, run the report and then explain it to others whilst showing off your immense understanding of the subject. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone. And once you’ve done all this talk to us and let’s see how we can get your website fixed up.

The loading speed of a site is vitally important, with people’s attention spans shortening, having a quick loading page is important to keep those customers on your page and not clicking elsewhere. The overall speed of a page factors in a few things like the initial load time, the size of the page and total amount of files it must request to load for the viewer. Optimise this, and your page will be loading in no time and you’ll keep those eyeballs on your website!

When it comes to your website’s URL, it’s important to be SEO friendly so you have a higher chance of having a good ranking in Google. Is the main keyword you use for your website in your URL? Does it contain underscores or dashes? If so, get them out of there! How far away are the the pages on your website from the main page? Take a look at this one for example  www.example.com/hello/goodbye/seeyousoon/goodmorning/toolong   

Something like this needs to be shortened to reduce the time people have to spend trying to find certain areas of your website.

Title Tag
Title tags are very important, this is what people see in the rankings when they search for you on search engines. Is your keyword inside the title tag? Does the keyword start the title? And is it an appropriate length? Make sure it’s not too long.

Description Tag
Now, in the rankings in a search engine, just below the title tag is the description tag, a little snippet of information. Make sure your keyword is in the description tag and that your description fits the appropriate length. Not too short, not too long. Just right.

Images are extremely important to having a visually appealing website. But there are a few things to remember when it comes to adding them. Make sure the image have “alt” tags (these are the text descriptions of what the image is for one the image doesn’t load or for anyone using a screen reader) and that your chosen keyword is included within this “alt” tag. Furthermore, the keyword should also be included in the image filename and the filename should not include any underscores or dashes. This may sound confusing but any good web developer will understand this straight away!

When it comes to structuring your website it’s a good idea to use headings. This helps the likes of Google grasp main topics within your website and determine whether you are relevant to the search. Make sure you include these and that you have your keyword in the headings. Another important thing to remember is that there should be no duplicate headings. Each page should only have one H1 tag as an example. We get this and any good web developer should understand this too.

What’s the copy like on your website? Having quality content and copy on your website is a great way to boost your website as Google claims this as ‘SEO-Friendly’ and will start to rank you as more relative for the search term. Improve your copy score by making sure all your copy reaches the minimum word count, using your keyword in the copy and making sure it’s in the first 100 words. Including this keyword in the anchor text, or the link people will be clicking, is how Google instantly recognising that your content could be relevant to what people are searching. Don’t fall into the trap of just putting your keyword on the page a bunch of times. If it isn’t relevant to the sentence, don’t use it. After all, the people reading your website are humans and google has tools that can spot keyword hiding and overuse. One of the greatest benefits of getting your website with Ora is that we’ll take care of the copywriting for you and you’ll get 2hrs/month to make changes if the desire should strike you.

Now I’m sure this is where most people are scratching their heads as a lot of this probably seems like gibberish but making sure you have a valid web address, does not contain flash or online CSS, have a good text-to-HTML ratio, includes ‘schema tags and has the XML sitemap are all important to let Google know your website is fresh and up to date. Don’t stress though! We’ve got you covered or whoever your web developer is, let them know and they will understand it better.

Now here’s something we all understand, social. Google wants to remain up to date and with the times and where are people these days? They’re in social. So it makes sense for people to be able to have the ability to share what they like when they like. Make sure you have buttons that take people to your social pages and also include share functions to social channels on your blog.

Make sure your website is mobile friendly! This is an absolute must as you will be penalised big time by Google if you’re not. Get in touch with us or with your web developer if you’re not, it’s not a major to get it fixed. While they’re at it, if need be, they can fix other factors to make sure the mobile side of your website is fully optimised like making sure your server uses compressed files for faster downloads, has a sitemap and correctly setting the viewport so the screen renders to smartphones.

It’s called the world wide web for a reason, that’s because everything’s connected. Get your name on every relevant directory possible and try to get people to link to your website. Get as many links flowing back to you as possible. Once you start gaining more links to your website, you’ll be gaining what is called authority. Where the more relevant links you have directing the user to you, the higher your authority score, thus placing you higher in search engines. We are using Moz’s tool to gauge how many links are coming to certain pages of your website, what’s your trust, rank and authority score. Having a high score in all 3 boost your SEO rankings.

Root Links
In a nutshell, this is a number of other sites that link to your page. The total number is determined by the unique number of domains linking to you, 5 links from the same website will only be counted as one root link. So the more connected you are with other websites, the higher your authority will be. Not all links are equal though, think the NZ Herald vs your uncle’s plumbing website. Both count, but one carries more weight behind it.

Your domain name is your website. It’s the first thing people see in the search rankings and it’s the first thing they type when searching for you directly. Make sure it’s not too long, although a domain name may be a total length of 253 characters, try keep it as short as you can. You should also be including the main keyword around your business in the domain name. Make sure your WWW-redirect is setup correctly so that when people type in your domain name, e.g  example.com they will get redirected to the correct domain name of www.example.com. Get your website safe by including SSL so that your website’s data remains private and have that extra layer of protection between your the server and browser. Make sure you include robots.txts files, search engines use these so that their web crawlers can find and categorise you. Get your favicon up! A favicon is a small icon used in the url, bookmark icon, tab icon, shortcut icon. It’s a great way for people to remember your brand. Now a lot of this you won’t be able to do, it’s for those tech heads, so get in touch with your web developer or talk to us to get it up to speed.

So that’s the explainer. Hopefully, it all made sense. Don’t worry if it didn’t, after the report is run one of our team will get in touch to explain it to you and help you get to grips with what it all means.

To save you going back to the top of the page, you can get to the tool here.

If things turn out bleak – don’t panic. We’re in the business of building great websites and we’ve got packages starting at just $150 per month. Head here to learn a little more about our websites, then get in touch.

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Pokemon Go Has Hidden Marketing Potential

We’ve all heard of Pokemon at some point in the last 20 years, the game that blasted onto the scene back in 1996 on Game Boy, has captivated people from all age groups to “Catch ‘Em All” for 2 decades now. A fictional world that includes 721 Pokemon species, 6 regions, trading cards, it’s own manga and anime series, a cult following and yup, one Ash Ketchum.

Now if you’ve kept you’re nose out of the news lately or haven’t noticed all the people walking around glued to their phones, Nintendo teamed up with software development company Niantic to create Pokemon Go. The location-based game, which was released to select countries last Thursday, uses augmented reality to place Pokemon in the real world for user to find and collect. Simple premise, but highly addictive. The immediate popularity of the game has already caused Pokemon Go servers to struggle with the overload of people wanting to play. Just the other day, only a few days after it’s initial release, New Zealand players found they weren’t even able to sign into the game, leaving many fans distraught.

Server issues hasn’t stopped people joining the craze. Since it’s release, Nintendo’s stock has skyrocketed, the company’s share price has rose by 24.52%, adding $7.5 billion to the firms market value. The growth speed of Pokemon Go is unprecedented, the app has been installed on twice as many phones as Tinder, passing Twitter in it’s percentage of daily active users and has the double the engagement of Snapchat. These are heavy hitters of the social media scene that have all been around for over 4 years and Pokemon is only going one way, and that’s up. Lookout Facebook?

With all the success that Pokemon Go is having, is it possible to turn some of this attention towards businesses to boost sales, potential customers and foot traffic to your store? The answer is yes. All you need to know is how to play the game and here’s how.

Is Your Business Near a PokeStop or Gym?

Since Pokemon Go is a game that runs of an augmented reality HUD, or heads up display, of the real world, people actually have to move around the world to encounter Pokemon. The players avatar will move as they do. As they move around on their journey, people will encounter wild Pokemon, PokeStops, which will give you items to use, and Gyms, which they can battle other users and team up to defend it, if they can beat other users to claim it. So if you’ve got one nearby, you’re in business!

Drop a Lure, Sit Back and Get Ready to Greet Customers

The most important part for your business when using Pokemon Go, are Lures, which you can buy within Go’s in-app store. The concept for Lures are simple. You can place them on PokeStops for half an hour and it will increase the rate of Pokemon that will appear. Pokemon are scarcer than you think, so being able to lure them at a higher rate for a short amount of time is an extremely powerful tool.

Now the next great thing about Lures is how much they cost. Say if you spent $100, that would get you 14,500 Pokecoins and an eight pack of Lures cost 680 Pokecoins

  • 14,500 Pokecoins / 680 = 21 eight packs of lures
  • 21 x 8 / 2 = 84 hours
  • $100 / 84 = $1.19 per hours

Accessing the store is simple.

  • Tap the red Pokeball at the bottom of your screen
  • Tap on Shop
  • Scroll down until you see the purple box shaped Lures and tap to purchase. You’ll then be sent to your apps store payment system.
  • Once you’ve purchased your Lures, tap the Pokeball and tap the Items button.
  • Tap your Lure and place it on a nearby PokeStop to activate. Simple!

Now if your business is near a PokeStop, this is something you definitely have to try! The potential for ROI (return on investment) is immense, as people will flock to points with Lures. And your only spending a bit over a dollar!

Find out if you’re near a Gym!

To see if your business is near a Gym, just open up Pokemon Go and look around the map. You can’t miss them, they’re the tall, tower like structures with a Pokemon on top. Gyms are slightly different from PokeStops, you can’t place a Lure on them but that’s alright, because people will converge on them regardless. They go head to head with 3 other teams, Instinct, Mystic and Valor to take control of it. A king of the hill style of fighting. Now if you can market this right, you could potentially leave the door open to groups of people coming through it. Here’s some ideas.

  • Signs: Place a sign on the street or in your window promoting that you support Pokemon Go and that they can receive some sort of discount if they can prove that they are currently on top of the Gym. People will be inclined to hang around your store in the hope that they can claim the Gym and get something from you.
  • Freebies: People love free things. So why not get creative and think of something to give away for free to entice people to come and play in your store.
  • Social: We’re all using social media, so why not post photos and screenshots of whats happening around your store to try and pull people in. Use hashtags like #pokemon and #pokemongo to get the message out there to potential new customers.

People will have their doubts, some will say “it’s a fad” and that it’s immense popularity will pass, but hey, that’s what they said when the first Pokemon games was released. In a digital world, businesses need to take advantage of trends that could potentially bring them sales, new customers and awareness. Pokemon Go is one that you should try and capitalise on. The opportunity to create new relationships with customers cannot be passed up on. Even if Pokemon Go is gone in the next 12 months, the customers will remain and remember you. And that should be motivation enough for you to give it a go.

Why Your Business Should Have an Instagram Presence

Is you business on Instagram? The evidence that it is the fastest growing social network is in no way a secret. In fact, Instagram grew at roughly eight times the rate of parent company Facebook last year alone. Here are some reasons why you need to be marketing on Instagram right now:

Population and Demographics

In terms of spending power and demographics, over 90% of the 500 million monthly users on Instagram are under the age of 35. Over half their users access the site every day, and most brands are currently posting 5.5 times per week on average. What this means to your business is that the potential for ROI from Instagram users is much higher than average, which likely explains why 25% of the current Fortune 500 list member have an Instagram presence.

Level Playing Field

One of the greatest misconceptions about Instagram is that you need a suitcase full of cash with plenty more to come in order to advertise. Nothing could be further from the truth. Anyone with a smartphone camera and a can-do attitude can use Instagram to have an impact on social media and reach thousands of people every day.

Know Your Target Market

Like other social media, Instagram offers the opportunity to connect with users whose interests align with the products and services your company provides. Furthermore, smart marketers can also follow their users and see what other products and services they follow to figure out how to better shape their content to appeal to more users.

Customer Loyalty

A key advantage the social media platform offers over other social networks is the ability to share behind-the-scenes looks at what goes on every day with your business. Capitalise on this, and give your followers a window into the world of your office or creative space. Everyone loves to feel as though they have inside knowledge of a business or product, and welcoming followers into your day to day creates a strong sense of affinity and loyalty with your business.


In sales, the process of transference occurs when a customer can visualise themselves owning or using a product. Instagram is used to launch products every day with the idea of transference in mind. Raw footage and photography of people using their products or services has become a positive trend in advertising and marketing thanks to networks like Instagram. Anyone can take advantage of this platform with just a little time and a smartphone.

As you can see, Instagram offers numerous benefits and opportunities for even the smallest business to have a powerful impact in any market. Get a free account today, and become a part of the growth that Instagram is creating for marketing and businesses everywhere.

Did you know that an Ora Social Media Package can be tailored bespoke to you, and can also include Instagram posting, if appropriate? Speak to our team of experts to find out more!

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