3 simple steps to making video content that your customers will love

In today’s digital market creating video content your customers will love is a sure way to give your product a considerable boot. With the versatility of the video medium, this is a great way to draw in new customers as well as making a deeper connection with existing ones. It is also key to understand that most marketers identify video content as some of their top performing digital assets. So, let’s look at a few simple steps you can take when approaching the idea of making video content for your customers.

Stay on Brand
Weather you are making a video with the intent to draw new customers to your base or maintain and inform the customers that you already have. You need to be sure that no matter what kind of video it is that you decide to make that it stays inside the realm of the topic that you are marketing. If you are talking about products that you do not offer or things that have nothing to do with your brand you are hurting your keyword SEO. As well as turning off your viewers’ interests instead of turning them on. Sticking with content that is in your market not only holds your customers’ interests. It also improves the chance that they will return regularly to seek out more videos and blogs about other relevant topics that you post about.

Stay on Script
The script is the key to making a successful video. When you make a video you need a plan that keeps you on task and helps to avoid repeating the same things over and over. To ensure that you do not forget specific information that was key the reason you made the video in the first place. A script will help with both the pace and the overall quality of the video and more importantly it will save you headaches in the editing portion of the video creation phase.

Show Personality
When writing a script keep your buyer’s persona personality in mind. You want to convey your information in a way to keep your customers attention and still feels natural. Reaching out to your audience with video and connecting with them gives your brand a face that they can associate with your products. By using keywords in a natural fashion and speaking in the same manner as your targeted audience. This will make them feel as if they know you or at least can relate to you and your products. This can help to create long lasting and powerful connections between your customer and your persona.

Video Content is King: the Importance of Video Marketing

No matter what your brand is, marketing is essential to ensuring that you can build and cultivate an audience of engaged users. As the world becomes more connected online, marketing strategies have followed suit, meaning that digital advertising is now the number one form of marketing, surpassing traditional outlets such as print and television. This trend will only continue as mobile devices and electronics continue to become more widely available.

However, not all online marketing is the same. As a general rule, there are three ways to reach your customer with content. First, you have text, much like what you’re reading right now. This can be in the form of blog posts, social media blurbs, and white papers. Second, you have image marketing, which is usually tied into text or used on its own. The popularity of sites like Facebook and Instagram show how well images can build your brand. Finally, you have video. When comparing all three methods, video is by far the most useful way to market your brand? Why? Let’s break it down.

Visually Motivating
As a species, we humans are visual creatures. We react and interact with our world mostly through our eyes, which is why we respond to visual cues much better than anything else, such as smell or hearing. Video taps into this core process of our brain and engages us much better than anything else. Text requires you to focus your attention and read, and images can be scanned and ignored. When you think about it, how often do you stop to study a photo that you like online? Simply put, video attracts our attention because it is pictures in motion, which activates our brains much better than any other kind of stimulus.

The data backs this up as well. When looking at a video site like YouTube, you can see that viewership has only increased in recent years. Despite being just over ten years old, the site has over one billion users engaged every month. That’s a lot of potential customers. Even more importantly, younger people are watching videos online at a far greater rate, which again confirms that this trend will only continue. Among the 18-34 demographic, viewers are watching more online content than any television or pay-per-view channel.

Part of this increase also has to do with the fact that mobile devices are so ubiquitous these days. In fact, nearly 40% of all video content is watched on a phone or tablet. As we become more connected on the go, we can watch clips and videos much more easily than ever before.

Video Content and Your Brand
So what does that mean for your business? It means that you need to invest in video marketing ASAP. Last year, companies spent over eight billion on video marketing, and even back in 2013 there were nearly six billion hours of content watched on YouTube alone. Overall, video marketing is king. Sure, you can tie it in with your current SEO strategy and digital content, but if your brand is not utilizing video, then you are missing out. Here are some of the main benefits of video over text or images.

Build Trust: Testimonials are far more trustworthy than a random text review
Engage Curiosity: We are more likely to click a video if we think it’s something unique or exciting
Build Confidence: Video shows more engagement from your company, which can help strengthen relationships with your customers

As you can see, there is no reason that you shouldn’t be making video marketing the next step for your digital campaign. You can quickly increase traffic to your site and social media pages, and you can also build a better ROI on your marketing budget. The numbers and the science don’t lie; video content is king.

Visual Marketing: Creating Engaging Content

Everybody knows that content is king for marketing. But as more people want different ways to see and engage with content, visual and engaging content is becoming increasingly important. If you want to maximise your engagements and leads using visual marketing, here are three things you should keep in mind and make sure you follow at all times.


Why Your Business Should Have an Instagram Presence

Is you business on Instagram? The evidence that it is the fastest growing social network is in no way a secret. In fact, Instagram grew at roughly eight times the rate of parent company Facebook last year alone. Here are some reasons why you need to be marketing on Instagram right now:

Population and Demographics

In terms of spending power and demographics, over 90% of the 500 million monthly users on Instagram are under the age of 35. Over half their users access the site every day, and most brands are currently posting 5.5 times per week on average. What this means to your business is that the potential for ROI from Instagram users is much higher than average, which likely explains why 25% of the current Fortune 500 list member have an Instagram presence.

Level Playing Field

One of the greatest misconceptions about Instagram is that you need a suitcase full of cash with plenty more to come in order to advertise. Nothing could be further from the truth. Anyone with a smartphone camera and a can-do attitude can use Instagram to have an impact on social media and reach thousands of people every day.

Know Your Target Market

Like other social media, Instagram offers the opportunity to connect with users whose interests align with the products and services your company provides. Furthermore, smart marketers can also follow their users and see what other products and services they follow to figure out how to better shape their content to appeal to more users.

Customer Loyalty

A key advantage the social media platform offers over other social networks is the ability to share behind-the-scenes looks at what goes on every day with your business. Capitalise on this, and give your followers a window into the world of your office or creative space. Everyone loves to feel as though they have inside knowledge of a business or product, and welcoming followers into your day to day creates a strong sense of affinity and loyalty with your business.


In sales, the process of transference occurs when a customer can visualise themselves owning or using a product. Instagram is used to launch products every day with the idea of transference in mind. Raw footage and photography of people using their products or services has become a positive trend in advertising and marketing thanks to networks like Instagram. Anyone can take advantage of this platform with just a little time and a smartphone.

As you can see, Instagram offers numerous benefits and opportunities for even the smallest business to have a powerful impact in any market. Get a free account today, and become a part of the growth that Instagram is creating for marketing and businesses everywhere.

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Why You Should Think About Using Instagram

Social media is an inexpensive way to reach your target market audience. By creating a social media network, you increase your brand visibility because each social media channel brings potential customers in touch with your company. You become readily available for current customers while earning new recognition from potential customers. Every post you make has the potential to prompt a potential customer to take action and that action could be visiting your website. That website visit could lead to a sale down the road.

One of the best social media channels for your company is Instagram. It is a hidden gem of social media activity for companies in that many opt not to use it. The common misconception of Instagram is that it only benefits businesses with products that they can photograph. In actuality it is an invaluable marketing tool that benefits any business. Here are a few reasons your business should be on Instagram.

1. Better Engagement

Instagram is a great way to capture the passion of your product line or service in a photo. The emotion behind the picture will carry through to what your followers see. They will then become emotionally invested in your business as well as become attached to the product. Later on, when they see it in a store, in a magazine advertisement or in another social media post, they will unconsciously think back to the time they first saw the photo on your Instagram page.

Another great engagement feature of Instagram is your ability to invite customers to share pictures of themselves using your products or services using hashtags you create. Engage with their participation by liking their photos and leaving comments about what exactly it is that you like about how they are putting your product or service to use. These casual exchanges between you and your customer base will encourage them to make future purchases because they already feel like they add value to your business.

2. Sneak Peak

Customers love knowing what comes next. Instagram gives you the perfect opportunity to do just that. Post pictures of your product in various stage of the creation process. Show what your desk looks like as you put one of your services together. Add a picture showing project team members hard at work at a career fair. Display the book cover of your next book that is publishing soon. Part of human nature is curiosity. Your customers want to know what goes on behind your closed doors. There is an interest level there because they value your company and the products or services that you offer. Giving them a tiny peek into what you are working on adds to the value they experience by being part of your organization.

3. Build A Personality

Instagram is the perfect opportunity for you to set the stage for how you want your customers to perceive your company. Image is everything and you need to establish the right one for your current clients and potential customers who may take a look at your page to gain a feel for how you do business.

There are a variety of options available when it comes to setting the right personality tone for your company. You can be a point of inspiration by posting motivational quotes. If your company centers around a particular cause, such as domestic violence, you can post statistics and helpline information so your customers know where to get help if they need it. You can also establish a causal personality by posting a funny image or tasteful jokes once in awhile. It will work to show that you can mix business with pleasure without sacrificing quality.

Building a company personality will also allow you to establish trust as you post images that reinforce your personality. Your customer will begin to see you as the company they can count on to always be there. More trust from customers equals more sales for you.

4. Stay Present

You can hold contests to promote your products or services. The prize can be a free product that you will be adding to your product line shortly or a discount off of a service you provide.

Promotional events that you will be attending or will be hosting make popular Instagram posts as well. You can post pictures of the preparation process including how your team prepares, any products or folders you will be handing out and items that go into gift bags for attendees. Post pictures from the activity of the event showcasing your company interacting with customers and potential customers on a more casual basis. Finally, you can post pictures of packing up the event and heading back to the office. These things keep you present in the mind of your customers when you are in between products or building a new service branch that you aren’t quite ready to share yet.

Go out and create that Instagram account today! Sign up here.

The Best Websites to Get Free Stock Images

Following on from a blog a few weeks back, which looked at why your content should have visuals, we’ve put together a list of a few of our favourite free stock images websites.

They all offer free pictures that are available for commercial and personal use. Now there is no reason that you can’t get your content on point & visually appealing.

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Make sure you bookmark these sites and head to them whenever you’re in need of an image to spruce up your content. And if you think there is someone out there that will find this article useful, just share away!

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