2015 on Google and YouTube

The end of 2015 is drawing near and the past 12 months have been filled with major trends and current affairs that have been shared through social media on a global scale.

Google has released a short 2 minute ‘Year in Search 2015’ video highlighting these events ranging from the refugee crisis in Europe to the protests in Baltimore, from legalising gay marriage rights in multiple countries to the “what colour is that dress?” craze.

Check out the video below and then head over to the their website to check out some more trends that hit 2015.

And YouTube has joined in on the action too. The world’s largest video sharing site of all things pop culture continued its now annual tradition and gone all out with its own review. The 6 minute video celebrates the music, videos and people that made 2015.

It hasn’t missed any of the year’s most popular trends so make sure you check it out before the year’s over!

Don’t Be Like Retailers Who Ignore 80% of Social Media Interactions

There are two ways that small and medium-sized businesses can use social media. In the first approach, business owners can treat social media platforms like a megaphone, blasting out important information and updates to their fanbases. This is how most businesses use social media, and even the most successful small retailers treat their social media platforms as one-way channels to share information.

However, there is another way to use social media, and in the long run, it can be a smart approach. Rather than using social media as a platform just for sharing information, smart business owners use social media as a place to build community and foster customer loyalty.

Instead of using social media strictly to spread information, businesses that interact with their potential customers on social usually see much more successes from the medium. On Twitter and Facebook especially, interacting with fans and replying to customers questions can foster loyalty and create a branding relationship that is a great thing for small and medium retailers.

Yet despite all of these benefits of using social media as a two-way medium for conversation, a recent study from Sprout Social found that on average, retailers were ignoring 80% of customer interactions. Customer requests, including messages, comments, and tweet mentions, were only responded to about 20% of the time by retailers, and curiously this number didn’t spike at all during the holiday season.

The second part of that statistic is particularly damning since small and medium-sized retailers should be doing absolutely everything they can to compete during the holiday season. The fact that retailers are ignoring 80% of customer requests means that only one in five chances to potentially create a paying relationship is being seized. Every time that you interact with a fan or follower on social media, your interaction could translate into profits. And when retailers ignore those potential interactions, especially during the holidays, it shows a lack of competitive edge.

That being said, it is understandably hard for small and medium-sized businesses to keep with every potential interaction on social media. The social world moves fast, and there are a lot of other things to worry about as a retailer during the holiday season.

Luckily, tech solutions are here to help small and medium-sized businesses keep up with the demands of social technology. If you don’t want to fall into the guilty statistic of that 80% of retailers that ignore social signals, consider getting some help. Get in touch to find out how Ora can help you make sure you aren’t missing out on potential customers on social!

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2015 on Facebook

With the end of 2015 fast approaching, more and more of the social and search networks we use in our day to day lives are releasing a year in review.

Last week we looked at Twitter and how the world used it to react to the changes going on around us. Today it’s the turn of Facebook.

They’ve released a dedicated website for the year and included a great wrap up video as well as a deep dive into the major news events. Keep following the arrows to the right and you’ll be treated to lists of the top movies, tv shows, entertainers and more.

Take a bit of time out of your friday and give it a visit. They’ve done a great job putting it all together. You may also notice on your newsfeed that you’ve got a chance to look at your own year in review.

We’ve included the video wrap up in our post, give it a watch then jump over to the site and explore.

Stay tuned to our blog! Next week we’ll be bringing you 2015 from the view of Google and YouTube.

Are You Offering The Best User Experience to Your Website Visitors?

When it comes to the user experience of a website, generally there’s a lot of emphasis and time put into the interface, or the way it looks.

This is great. We live in a visual world and first impressions are super important. The giant elephant though. Speed.

Sure it looks amazing and is filled with beautiful images, videos and stacks of original content. But as a result of the changing way in which people live and consume information, our attention span isn’t what it used to be.

In an infographic produced by the team at Soasta.com, you’ll see just exactly why this elephant should be called Sir and given the royal treatment.

Some of the callouts from the graphic highlight that regardless of the device we use to access the internet, we remain impatient. Also a whopping 46% of people who have a bad experience on a website whilst using a mobile device will never return to it!

Take a few minutes to have a good read of the infographic, you’ll be a better person for having done so. Then get in touch with us. Our Competitor Report compares, amongst other things, the speed of your website with that of your competitors.

If you’ve already got the report, go back and have a good look at it. Where are you sitting amongst your competitors? More importantly, what is your percentage score? If you’re at the top of the pile but your score is red or amber, it’s not good news. It just means you’re the best of a bad bunch.

We’ve got the expertise to help get this fixed for you.


Social Media in 2015

We might be stating the obvious here, but social media has well and truly embedded itself in our everyday lives. You’ll have a hard time trying to avoid it.

The biggest challenge for us as business owners is to make sure we understand the different networks and what the marketing opportunities are that lay within them.

The team at Eggplain have put together a great little video that gives you a quick insight into the numbers behind the social networks in 2015.

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