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Customers look for you online first – 96% of the time.

But getting your marketing to work in the digital age is complex, time consuming and can cost you $1,000’s in lost sales if you don’t get it right.

What’s more, technology is changing the way we live our lives and the way we do business, faster than ever before.

Making decisions the old fashioned way through opinions and intuition, isn’t smart. But understanding data driven analytics can also be confusing.

Ora makes this simple.

Our smart software and services have been designed to make your life easier. We look after your digital marketing, so that you can focus on
the rest of your business.

Ora Smart Marketing Software takes all the guesswork out of growing and gives you live recommendations on the best marketing payback for your business. It provides you with everything you need to know; regular advice, powerful reporting tools, competitor analysis and social media updates so that you can make smart decisions. The smart software tracks your market, finds buying customers and creates your sales plan – automatically.

Ora Smart Marketing Services will then deliver any recommendations you choose from advertising, social media, web design and brand studio work, through to complex re-marketing and loyalty programs.

It’s complex, but Ora makes it simple.

By collecting and analysing business and industry data, Ora knows:

  • What products and services people are looking for
  • Where they’re looking for them
  • And how they’re making purchasing decisions

And Ora’s constantly changing too, so it can let you know about new opportunities, and make the best recommendations to help your business grow.

Ora is smart marketing software that gets you more customers.

It’s as SIMPLE as that!

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