The Evolution of Marketing in 2017

Businesses that are not on the same page as the mobile users of 2017 are effectively asleep at the wheel. With forecasting reports for 2017 suggesting that advertisers are spending more on mobile advertising than desktop, and Google's algorithms changing to penalise...

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A Guide to Successful Freelancing

Freelancing is becoming increasingly popular and therefore is also becoming a major part of the nation's economy. Freelancing is a desirable option because it allows people to have complete control over their professional lives. It's also beneficial to society as a...

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Instagram Strategies for Business Owners

Instagram is still one of the fastest growing social networks on the internet today, and it has been growing at an exponential rate since it was picked up by social media giant Facebook in 2012. A growth of 400% in four years should be a reason for every business to...

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Snickers Live Super Bowl Commercial

How about those Patriots eh, talk about a comeback! Twenty-five unanswered points in the second half, looking like your team was done for at halftime. Oh well, I guess that's why they say football is a game of two halves. But the point of this article is not to rave...

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2017, The Year of Video Marketing

Without a doubt, online video is a huge phenomenon. No more beating around the bushes with this one people, video's here and it's here to stay.  2016 saw the rise of video hit new levels. It not only changed the way we view video but also the way we interact with it,...

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How to Create Shareable Content in an Era of Constant Content

Content is a vital element of today’s business environment. But, with so much content already in place, it can be difficult to create something new, fresh, and interesting to capture the attention of your intended audience. Effective content drives itself without much...

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Easy Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing Performance

Since the advent of email, it's been a great tool for marketing a business. In fact, it's one of the most effective marketing methods for attracting and converting prospects as well as retaining customers. In today’s technology-driven society, people can access their...

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Does Your Small Business Need a Marketing Plan?

You have worked hard to build your small business into what it is today. You know every aspect of the company, how it works, where it should go and almost every speck of dust on the floor. You are an expert in your industry and know your business. Unfortunately, you...

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