Using Social Media to Nurture Your Customer Relations

In life, relationships mean everything. While this is something we all intuitively grasp in regards to our family and friends, should it be any less so when it comes to our relationships with our customers? Of course not. If you’ve calculated that using social media...

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Boost Your Brand Awareness Through Social Media

As a small business owner and operator increasing awareness of your brand should be a primary focus of your marketing strategy. Also, being a small business, it is unlikely that you will have the budget to invest in advertising on a large scale. One of the best...

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Small Business Digital Marketing Strategies for 2017

When it comes to digital marketing, everything is constantly in a state of flux. What worked like gangbusters a week ago may now be saturating the market and proving ineffective. In order to stay current and get ahead in digital marketing, a smart business stays up to...

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Local SEO Basics: Location and Reviews

In today’s digital market, SEO strategies for increasing local searches involve many factors. Since over 80 percent of today’s potential buyers begin their search for products, goods and services online, how your local site manages the functions of location and...

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Top 10 Landing Page Trends in 2017

As people spend increasingly more time online, the ability to raise conversion rates is more important than ever before. One of the most effective assets in today’s digital marketer’s tool belt is still a landing page. We have previously looked at key elements to...

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Nurturing Leads Through Messaging Apps and Online Chat

Although messaging software has played a role in the digital landscape since the 1990s, it is only recently that the integration of messaging apps with online chat has transformed this landscape to become an emerging force in digital marketing. While it may be...

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9 Easy Ways to Make Great Content

Great written content doesn’t happen by accident: it is a conscious choice. Search engines and users have gotten far more savvy about what is pure digital marketing and content that entertains, informs, and inspires. Smart marketing means getting your content right if...

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