9 Easy Ways to Make Great Content

Great written content doesn’t happen by accident: it is a conscious choice. Search engines and users have gotten far more savvy about what is pure digital marketing and content that entertains, informs, and inspires. Smart marketing means getting your content right if you expect to build the business and brand that you need to succeed. Here are 9 easy ways to start making great content:

  1. Be Original

Don’t copy other’s digital content. Google (and the general public) take a dim view of this, and they have meted out some harsh punishments in the past. Smart marketing software can help you avoid accidental plagiarism as well, so make sure you run checks on all content before posting. Two simple rules to keep in mind:

  • If you hire content copywriters, you will get what you pay for.
  • Don’t post for the sake of posting. It is better to post less often and say more than to put up any content you can dish out fast.
  1. Strong Headlines Matter

A couple quick statistics for this rule:

  • 80% of users read headlines
  • Only 20% read the remainder of your content

You need to experiment with headlines and subheadings that grab attention without getting lumped in with ‘clickbait’. Look at the top trending headlines and see what they are doing right. It never hurts to learn from better headline writers. Headline writing plays a major role in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), so make sure your keyword game is on point.

  1. Content Needs to Demand Action

Always include a call to action for your reader somewhere in your content. If you don’t demand they do something, that content (and also your brand and image) are going to fade quickly from their memory.

  1. Be the Expert

Make sure you establish yourself as a trusted expert voice online. People search for answers on Google, not questions.

  1. Verify Your Sources

This helps stop the spread of ignorance and gullibility! Verify your sources and information that you cite in your content. Be a responsible publisher and make sure you have the best facts available that can be verified.

  1. Make Them Think, Make Them Learn

All your content needs to be focused on providing new and engaging information that allows your readers to educate themselves.

  1. Use Images and Video

You aren’t going to see many click throughs to your content without well-curated images or relevant video content.

  1. Keep it Short, Stay on Target

Don’t write meandering reflective journal entries, write content people want to read. That means content full of answers, not questions that need answering.

  1. Update Consistently

Set a posting schedule and stick to it. More importantly, make sure you are posting during peak viewing time for most users (i.e. morning coffee break, lunchtime, after work, etc.).

Master these techniques, and you will soon see your SEO efforts begin to drive your content marketing game over the top. Search rankings will rise, and your online reputation will start to gel according to the quality of your content. Remember, without original content you cannot achieve your branding goals. Start generating that high-quality content, and success is sure to follow.

How Can SEO Copywriting Help Your Business?

These days, digital marketing is the king of the hill as far as advertising goes. As more consumers go online and engage with content on various devices, this trend will only continue as we become more connected than ever before. One of the cornerstones of this digital marketing is search engine optimization, more commonly known as SEO. But how does this strategy work? Is it still viable as a tool for businesses? Let’s take a look at the current state of SEO marketing and see what it can do for you and your company.

How Does SEO Copywriting Work?
Simply put, by placing keywords in critical parts of your text you can convince search engine algorithms that your content is related to a certain topic. This article, for example, discusses things like Digital Marketing as well as smart software and services, so it will most likely get tagged in a search for posts relating to those items. However, not all SEO copy is created equal. While anyone can insert keywords into text, the more important aspect is to convince your reader that the material is relevant to his or her needs. So, while we could craft sentences like “SEO content digital marketing strategy synergy,” that wouldn’t sound authentic and could read like a robot wrote it. Thus, it’s imperative that your copy read well to your audience and be scannable to the algorithms.
Google’s algorithms, for instance, have become very intelligent to a point where it will connect good SEO copywriting to differing search queries, based on things like synonyms and semantic search. In simpler terms, your audience doesn’t have to search for your content exactly word for word. Google will pick up similar related phrases and language, as long as the content is related and similar to what people are searching for.

How Can it Help Your Business?
No matter what kind of products or services you offer, it’s crucial for your company to reach new customers online. Even if it’s creating content to drive traffic to your physical store location, bringing a new audience in through Digital Marketing is a key tactic for success. Thus, by utilising SEO content, you can ensure that your material is more noticeable to people who are looking for services, which will, in turn, drive them to your site, and then boost your online market share. To put it simply, SEO helps you build a better reputation by increasing your brand awareness.

Inbound Marketing
While general SEO is an important tool set to master, it is only a small part of Digital Marketing as a whole. These days, consumers don’t want to see ads, but will instead respond more favorably to content that is related to their needs. So, for example, if I’m looking for a leash for my dog then I would rather find an article that compares different types and informs me of what features to look for instead of seeing an ad for a pet supply store. As a business, SEO can help you create more organic content that will bring your audience to you. The higher your ranking on search engines, the more traffic goes to your site, and the better your conversion rate will be. If you have paid advertising running to your site, such as Google AdWords, your campaign will also benefit from good SEO practice by lowering your ‘click costs’ (CPC) and adding higher relevancy and quality scores to your marketing efforts.

Overall, if you are looking for a straightforward and effective way to boost your company’s image and help achieve more success, then SEO copywriting by far the way to go. If you want to find out more about optimizing your content, then check out http://seocopywriting.com/blog/ .

3 simple steps to making video content that your customers will love

In today’s digital market creating video content your customers will love is a sure way to give your product a considerable boot. With the versatility of the video medium, this is a great way to draw in new customers as well as making a deeper connection with existing ones. It is also key to understand that most marketers identify video content as some of their top performing digital assets. So, let’s look at a few simple steps you can take when approaching the idea of making video content for your customers.

Stay on Brand
Weather you are making a video with the intent to draw new customers to your base or maintain and inform the customers that you already have. You need to be sure that no matter what kind of video it is that you decide to make that it stays inside the realm of the topic that you are marketing. If you are talking about products that you do not offer or things that have nothing to do with your brand you are hurting your keyword SEO. As well as turning off your viewers’ interests instead of turning them on. Sticking with content that is in your market not only holds your customers’ interests. It also improves the chance that they will return regularly to seek out more videos and blogs about other relevant topics that you post about.

Stay on Script
The script is the key to making a successful video. When you make a video you need a plan that keeps you on task and helps to avoid repeating the same things over and over. To ensure that you do not forget specific information that was key the reason you made the video in the first place. A script will help with both the pace and the overall quality of the video and more importantly it will save you headaches in the editing portion of the video creation phase.

Show Personality
When writing a script keep your buyer’s persona personality in mind. You want to convey your information in a way to keep your customers attention and still feels natural. Reaching out to your audience with video and connecting with them gives your brand a face that they can associate with your products. By using keywords in a natural fashion and speaking in the same manner as your targeted audience. This will make them feel as if they know you or at least can relate to you and your products. This can help to create long lasting and powerful connections between your customer and your persona.

Video Content is King: the Importance of Video Marketing

No matter what your brand is, marketing is essential to ensuring that you can build and cultivate an audience of engaged users. As the world becomes more connected online, marketing strategies have followed suit, meaning that digital advertising is now the number one form of marketing, surpassing traditional outlets such as print and television. This trend will only continue as mobile devices and electronics continue to become more widely available.

However, not all online marketing is the same. As a general rule, there are three ways to reach your customer with content. First, you have text, much like what you’re reading right now. This can be in the form of blog posts, social media blurbs, and white papers. Second, you have image marketing, which is usually tied into text or used on its own. The popularity of sites like Facebook and Instagram show how well images can build your brand. Finally, you have video. When comparing all three methods, video is by far the most useful way to market your brand? Why? Let’s break it down.

Visually Motivating
As a species, we humans are visual creatures. We react and interact with our world mostly through our eyes, which is why we respond to visual cues much better than anything else, such as smell or hearing. Video taps into this core process of our brain and engages us much better than anything else. Text requires you to focus your attention and read, and images can be scanned and ignored. When you think about it, how often do you stop to study a photo that you like online? Simply put, video attracts our attention because it is pictures in motion, which activates our brains much better than any other kind of stimulus.

The data backs this up as well. When looking at a video site like YouTube, you can see that viewership has only increased in recent years. Despite being just over ten years old, the site has over one billion users engaged every month. That’s a lot of potential customers. Even more importantly, younger people are watching videos online at a far greater rate, which again confirms that this trend will only continue. Among the 18-34 demographic, viewers are watching more online content than any television or pay-per-view channel.

Part of this increase also has to do with the fact that mobile devices are so ubiquitous these days. In fact, nearly 40% of all video content is watched on a phone or tablet. As we become more connected on the go, we can watch clips and videos much more easily than ever before.

Video Content and Your Brand
So what does that mean for your business? It means that you need to invest in video marketing ASAP. Last year, companies spent over eight billion on video marketing, and even back in 2013 there were nearly six billion hours of content watched on YouTube alone. Overall, video marketing is king. Sure, you can tie it in with your current SEO strategy and digital content, but if your brand is not utilizing video, then you are missing out. Here are some of the main benefits of video over text or images.

Build Trust: Testimonials are far more trustworthy than a random text review
Engage Curiosity: We are more likely to click a video if we think it’s something unique or exciting
Build Confidence: Video shows more engagement from your company, which can help strengthen relationships with your customers

As you can see, there is no reason that you shouldn’t be making video marketing the next step for your digital campaign. You can quickly increase traffic to your site and social media pages, and you can also build a better ROI on your marketing budget. The numbers and the science don’t lie; video content is king.

8 Simple Ways To Increase Your Video Traffic

If you’ve ever wanted to boost traffic to your YouTube channel, you’ve probably noticed how difficult it can be and how much of a struggle you can have to try and do it. While you might not know exactly what you need to do, here are eight tips that you should remember to help boost your views.


Make sure you take some time to pick out the right title to match it with what you need it to say based on your video. Use keyword phrases and make sure your words are relevant to what people might search for.


A good description of your YouTube video needs to have three things to make it effective. It should have a keyword phrase, a URL for where you want to send people and it needs to have a mini paragraph explaining the video.


With every video you upload, Google listens to what you say to help categorise your video. By adding a full transcript, you can make it a lot easier for Google and help to provide a full transcript for them to see.

Custom Thumbnail

The thumbnail is often the first thing people see when scanning your video so make sure you create a thumbnail that looks great and catches everybody’s attention.

Subscribe Annotation

YouTube loves to see channels that have a lot of posts and subscribers and the best way to get subscribers is to just ask. Take a little bit of time to add a subscribe annotation and get people to subscribe!

External Link Annotation

Below, I talk about using your blog to help promote your YouTube page. But the truth is that it can go the other way as well and you can use your YouTube channel to help promote your blog or other external sources.

Subscribe Watermark

With a function known as InVideo Programming, you’ll be able to add a watermark to every single video with a simple click. Once a user clicks this watermark, they can quickly and easily subscribe to a channel or watch all of your videos with ease.

Use Your Blog 

If you’re like most people, the blog is pretty much the most crucial part of your online business. There are a lot of things you can do to help build your presence when it comes to your blog. If it is your main channel, then you should make sure you use it to direct people to YouTube.

As you can see, there are a lot of different things you need to remember when it comes to boosting the amount of YouTube views you have on your videos and your channel. With all of this information in mind, you should have no problem increasing your traffic by a sizeable amount. And of course, if you need help creating video content, or marketing it online, or tracking its progress, then give our team a call at Ora. We can help provide you and end to end solution that will help drive those followers to your business page, and ultimately fuel your sales funnel.

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Visual Marketing: Creating Engaging Content

Everybody knows that content is king for marketing. But as more people want different ways to see and engage with content, visual and engaging content is becoming increasingly important. If you want to maximise your engagements and leads using visual marketing, here are three things you should keep in mind and make sure you follow at all times.


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