2017, The Year of Video Marketing

Without a doubt, online video is a huge phenomenon. No more beating around the bushes with this one people, video’s here and it’s here to stay. 

2016 saw the rise of video hit new levels. It not only changed the way we view video but also the way we interact with it, the likes of 360-degree video and live-streaming being introduced across social channels and becoming hugely popular. 

Dominating daily lives is just the beginning. With 55% of people watching videos online every day and a further 78% watching videos online every week. I think it’s clear to say that video is incredibly engaging and how the majority of people would prefer to consume their content. If you haven’t started including video in your marketing strategy, maybe it’s time to change that. Haven’t got the skills or expertise? Speak to one of our experts at Ora.

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Take a look at the infographic below from the team over at HighQ and learn why 2017 will be the year of video marketing. 



Ora’s Favourite Infographics of 2016

Over the course of 2016, we’ve covered a bunch of infographics on our blog. With 2017 fast approaching, we thought we would collect some of our favourites from the year and share them with you. Check them all out below.

“A Timeline of Failed Tech Predictions”

Over the ages, there has been a lot of amazing inventions. From the wheel to sliced bread, the light bulb to the telephone. The world is full of them. But with every great invention comes doubters, the non-believers, individuals who believe that people won’t need or use anything that seems out of the ordinary and predict that they will just be the next big fad. So over the years there has been some pretty bold claims, doubting certain inventions. Some might surprise you.

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“Anatomy of an Optimised Web Page”

For many businesses, their website is their lifeblood. They depend on having a fully optimised website to bring in business and kudos to them for doing so. It’s all well and great optimising it once and leaving it, but it needs to be something that you maintain regularly, or it’s a waste of time. Take a look and learn what makes up a strong web page.


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“Crazy Things People Search for on Google”

I think it’s fair to say we’ve all used Google at some point in our life. The majority of people can’t even go through a whole day without using the search engine. Whether it was to figure out where you’re going, look at reviews on a movie or to prove your friend they are wrong. Whatever it may be, we’ve all hit that search button. But with all these searches happening on Google daily, there must be some bizarre queries?

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“Is it Time for a Vacation?”

Sun-kissed beaches, snowy mountain tops, immersive cultures. We all dream of having a vacation in a far off place, kicking off our shoes, putting up our feet and relaxing. Taking that hard earned time off that we slaved away for at our 9-5.

Now I’m sure that many of us would jump at the opportunity, if given, to take a holiday rather than work but the reality is that more people choose to stay put and work away. Studies show that around 40% of workers feel like they can’t justify their time off, but why? It’s your hard earned leave. Here’s 12 reason you should take a vacation.

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“5 Ways to Promote Your Small Business”

Maybe you’ve owned a small business for years or you’re just starting. I bet there’s a recurring thought that you’ve had before, it’s one almost every business owners has. What can I do to get my business out there? and where can I start?

Traditional marketing and advertising methods can be expensive and hard to prove ROI (return on investment). But with all the advances that have happened to the world of online, it’s never been a better time to advertise your business digitally.

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“E-Commerce Psychology”

E-Commerce is a booming business. Look at the success of online retailers such as Amazon, Ebay and even local New Zealand online sites like MightyApe and Trademe. With people wanting a convenient way to shop, when they want to shop, E-Commerce is a great way to sell your product without needing people to come to your physical shop front. It’ll also catch all those late night browsers, creating more sales for your business when you’re enjoying play time.

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Here’s How to Turn a Bad Day Around

Having a bad day? Those frustrating and stressful ones that we just want to be over. Don’t worry; you’re not alone. It happens to the best of people.

Anything can tip you over the edge. From having a run-in with your boss, spilling coffee on your white shirt or simply being greeted with over a 100 emails when you settle in on a Monday morning and when things like this happen, it sets the tone for the rest of the day and you feel like you nothing achieve anything.

Now, having a positive mindset can significantly boost your productiveness and outlook, by 31% to be precise. So this is a great reason why you should try and look on the bright side of life. But there is more you can do to try and help you beat those sluggish days. Spend at least half an hour doing something different from your normal tasks can help you reset your mood and give you the positive attitude to keep rolling on with your day.

So, if you’re having a bad day and are wanting to turn it around, take a look at the infographic below, created by the team over at Headway Capital, and find out how you can make light of even the worse days.

Courtesy of: Headway Capital

Must Know Video Marketing Stats

Video isn’t the next big thing. It is the big thing.

Content is king. And at the forefront of content is video. It’s a powerful way to convey your message and communicate a story, all the while engaging and building relationships with your customers and potential customers through meaningful content.

In a report from Cisco, by 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic and video-on-demand traffic will have almost trebled. This indication shows which way video is going, and that is up. Video is naturally engaging. With today’s digital world being overloaded with information, small business should create video content that is easily digestible so that people won’t move on. People now have a shorter attention span than a goldfish, yes a goldfish, so capturing those viewers of your content in the first 8 seconds is vital.

So with video becoming an ever increasing method for people to consume their entertainment and information needs, small businesses must adapt this to their marketing strategy or risk falling behind. But I can’t possibly find the time to make resources is something you might be thinking? Well don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We published a blog a while back, How to Make Awesome Video Content With No Experience, which you can read below. It goes over the steps which you can take to make some great video content for your brand.

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Need some more hard facts around video marketing to be convinced? Check out the infographic below, brought to you by the people over at Hyperfine Media, which takes a look at 31 must-know facts around video marketing stats. Take a look, there’re some really interesting facts that will surprise you.




If your looking to create some video content but just don’t think you’ll ever find the time, get in touch with the team at Ora to find out how we can create some great video content for you!

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Restaurant Must Do’s to Dominate Customer Service

When it comes to owning a successful restaurant nowadays, it’s up to more than just the chef and it’s waiters to uphold a restaurant’s fine reputation, the battle for that is won online as much as it’s won during the dining experience.

Today, diners have the ability to compliment or complain about restaurants instantly from the convenience of their smartphones. Long gone are the days where people would just tell you to your face, more privately, what they really thought of their experience, no, they’ll just blast you an earful on online for the whole world to see.

But never fear, dealing with complaints online are the reality of being in the hospitality industry and you shouldn’t look at it as a constant negative, rather an opportunity to take on constructive feedback and improve from there. Alright, maybe Jane’s meal was delivered a bit later than it should have been and was slightly cold, but this is a great opportunity to realise that maybe the steps taken in the kitchens are a bit slow and that there is room for improvement. Without criticism, how do we ever evolve into something better?

Take a look at the infographic below, brought to you by the folks over at Convince&Convert, which takes a look at the 8 habits restaurants must adopt to dominate online customer service. Adopting these habits to your business can greatly improve the overall image of your brand and build a better online reputation.




The Best Times to Post on Social Media

When it comes to social media marketing, it can be a tricky field to navigate. There’s a lot to consider when it comes to creating social posts.

Obviously, you want to create great social posts that get as much engagement as possible, which is the goal, it’s what we all want to achieve. But going out blindly and hoping for the best is not the right way to go about it. Sure, you’ll get some likes and comments, but what if you posted it at the right time to increase the total engagement around it? (more…)

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